What is meditation?

Meditation is a personal discipline to come know the mind and train it.

It’s an opportunity to sit peacefully and do nothing except be mindful and observe.

Peter meditatingObserve the mind. No need to react or respond. It’s a learning process to help us become more aware. This awareness we take into our daily lives, our relationships at home and in business and it’s a nugget of gold that we carry in our pocket. Let’s face it, the more we are aware of how we tick the less likely we are to get upset or to upset others.

We all would like peace and contentment in our lives and there’s been enough written and shown for everyone to know that this comes from within. One pathway to this space within is through meditation.

Meditation is great way to access these states of mind and do some discovering about yourself on the way. Discover without recrimination.  Leave  the, “Oh! I could have done that better” behind in the past. No judgement. The way it is IS how it is.

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