What is a Ka Huna bodywork session?

The massage therapist will consult with you about the
Woman relaxing with hot stones placed on her back current state of your physical, mental and emotional health. This assists both client and therapist in deciding on the treatment focus for the session.

During the massage, it helps to focus your attention on your breath. Each inhalation offers a chance to draw fresh energy and inspiration into the body-mind. Each exhalation, an opportunity to dissolve tension, to let go of anything that limits you and to deepen your experience of relaxation.

If you experience discomfort or would like to express a particular need, feel free to communicate with the therapist at any stage during the massage.

It is important to drink plenty of water after a massage
as this assist in the detoxifying process.
Photo of leis surrounding a vase and hot stones
Ka Huna bodywork is a powerful form of healing
that affects people differently. In the days following a massage, you might experience a range of emotions without getting caught up in them and let them flow. The healing/cleansing effects and re-balancing of the body-mind can be felt for weeks after the treatment.

you are not your body
you are not your emotions
you are not your thoughts
you are a spark of the Divine!


Initial Ka Huna Treatment $120

Ka Huna sessions (60 mins)   $80

Ka Huna sessions (90 mins)   $110

Ka Huna sessions (120 mins) $130

These prices include Hot Stones and Young Living Essential oils


Pregnancy Ka Huna Massage (up to 40wks) $100
Polynesian Floorwork and Stretching (pre-massage 30mins) $30


Ka Huna Gift Vouchers are always available

Ask about our concession price if you feel this applies to you.


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