Considering a Reiki Treatment

When would you consider a Reiki treatment?

Are you are in pain, either physical or psychological pain?
Are you feeling ill?
Are you seeking ongoing health and wellbeing?
Are you feeling that overwhelming feeling that everything is too much?
Are you finding it difficult to create some space just for you?
Are you wishing you could look at things in a different light?

Then Reiki may assist you.

Some of the benefits of receiving Reiki can include:

  • relief from stress and feeling profoundly relaxed;
  • increased awareness, mental clarity and creativity;
  • relief from physical, emotional or psychological discomfort;
  • feeling clearer and more energised;
  • assistance for the body to release toxins;
  • assistance for the body to release unresolved emotions;
  • acceleration of a healing process;
  • balancing and harmonizing your whole being helping you to align your mind with your heart;
  • support to let go of old habits, thought patterns and addictions; and
  • Reiki can support you; opening your heart and giving you the confidence to be who you are.

Initial Reiki session 90 minutes $85
Follow up Reiki sessions 60 – 75 minutes $70
Ask about our concession price if you feel this applies to you.

Depending on your needs, experience has shown that, where possible, four treatments over consecutive days is a very effective way to experience the benefits of receiving Reiki.