Ka Huna

Ka is spirit and Huna refers to the age old Huna philosophy. So for me it is the embodiment of the spirit of the Huna philosophy which you then receive in bodywork or massage form. The Ka Huna is the dispenser of the spirit of Huna. The Ka Huna is the practitioner and conduit for the healing energy you receive.

In the paragraphs below you will come to learn that Ka Huna has nothing to with the film “Pulp Fiction,” the Big KaHuna… whatever that is, Cohuna the place in central Victoria or even the KaHuna Burger! “The Ka Huna massage experience gives you a holistic approach to rejuvenation & healing for body, mind & soul. Read on for more detail.”

“I watch carefully how my clients are after receiving Ka Huna Bodywork. Time and time again I see younger-looking and lighter human beings. It is as if years have been stripped away. Joy and wonderment are there. I see also that my clients have been in a deep state of nurturing relaxation. This for me is a very satisfying outcome for everyone. The merits of any and all treatments I ask to be sent to all sentient beings.”

What is Ka Huna bodywork?
Ka Huna bodywork practitioner
Seven principles of Huna philosophy