Reiki Training

Girl receiving Reiki treatment

Reiki is simple and easy to learn, a desire to learn is the only pre-requisite.

Students learn methods to apply Reiki in their own lives.  Reiki directly benefits the practitioner through daily self-treatments and the guiding principles.

People of all ages, diversity of ethnicity and backgrounds and cultures can learn Reiki.

First stage

The Japanese Oh Ku Den means ‘introduction into’.  Students learn the principles and history of Reiki, basic hand positions for treatment and methods to apply Reiki in their own lives and others.

First Stage initiation requires four attunements, thereby awakening and opening the energy centers.  Students learn how to share Reiki with themselves as well as others, through lots of practice under the nurturing and caring supervision of the initiating Master

Second stage

Sho Den in Japanese means ‘going deeper into’.  This initiation and further training is for persons who have completed First stage training and having actively used Reiki in their lives feel ready to deepen their relationship with Reiki.

Master initiation training

A student who has made a commitment to walk a deeper path of Reiki and cultivate greater  compassion and wisdom, may choose to enter the journey of a master candidate.   They must be able to demonstrate that they are living the Reiki way of life, have had years of Reiki experience,  gained  deeper insight and attained a level of wisdom.  The timing from the beginning journey to the point of training and initiation into the master stage will vary from person to person.

Fees for Reiki Training:
First Stage $350
Second Stage $650

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