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“I first met Peter and had my inaugural Ka Huna massage 9 months after my third child was born, when I was feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.  In his customary caring & gentle manner, Peter warned me that ‘things may come up’ and to my great surprise, after the most energetic, intense yet enjoyable massage, I found myself having to send him out of the room so that I could have an uncharacteristic howl.  It was a real turning point for me and I began not only booking in for regular treatments myself, but – over the years – treating special friends to this unique massage experience.  All were serious city ‘massage connoisseurs,’ but all agreed that it was ‘the best massage I have ever had!’ with several returning to our country town for a repeat performance. Peter’s whole-hearted listening, openness & spiritual perspectives, made it the complete rejuvenating treatment for me as it felt like counselling, massage and spiritual healing all rolled into one.“ -  Maggie, Counsellor


“Kahuna with Peter is a whole body respectful massage that is deeply healing and rejuvenating, increasing vitality, energy and reducing chronic pain. “ – Carol, Castlemaine

“Thank you for the priceless gift of Kahuna massage. Both times I have visited I have felt deeply honoured, nurtured and most of all loved. Thank you for your great care and consideration. My very best wishes to you and your family for your new life in Newcastle.”
- Sharron, Victoria


“Kahuna is the most heart-opening, healing bodywork I have ever experienced and Peter’s hands and heart are like those of a master craftsman in his art. It is a total privilege to be one of his clients – he makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. Words can’t explain the magic he weaves.” – Lucy

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