“I received Reiki before and during pregnancy. Everything went so well.  My baby and I are healthy, happy and very relaxed”. – Giselle


“Being raised in an abusive family I endured a very traumatic childhood and as a result have suffered a lifetime of post-traumatic stress.  I have tried many forms of therapy however, Reiki has introduced me to a peace I have not experienced before, also a clarity of thinking and an in-depth  understanding into a very confused background in a very non-confrontational and non-evasive way”. – Pam


“After Reiki with , I feel alive and energized, sometimes it feels like I have just woken up from a deep sleep. The sessions make me relax on a very deep level”. – Peter


“I first received Reiki treatments  at a time when stresses in my life left me struggling with depression and anxiety. The treatments I received, twice a week initially and then weekly, had a profoundly soothing effect and assisted me to quickly move through this phase and regain my balance.” – Carolyn